Steel detailing is the representation and dimensional specification of architectural or mechanical structures. The process includes the production of shop drawings which are then used by the fabricator and steel installer in the construction of buildings, bridges industrial plants, as well as non-building structures.

Our comfort zone in respect to size ranges from the smallest miscellaneous item all the way through to projects of about 1500 tons.

  • We strive for 100% client satisfaction. Your success is our success!
  • We pride ourselves on our skilled structural detailing team who utilize their years of experience to deliver the best results.
  • At MKA we believe that the quality of service we provide is directly related to the individuals we hire. Detailing software is only as good as the people using it, and MKA has gathered the best in the field.

Your expectations of quality are the same as ours! MKA stays on the cutting edge of technology by using the latest available software in order to produce the most accurate structural steel drawings, and deliver best-in-class 3D documentation.

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