At MKA, no project is too big, too complicated or too cutting-edge for our experienced team

MKA Drafting & Consulting Inc. specializes in Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metal Detailing, 3D Modeling and BIM Services for the construction industry.

We understand how crucial detailing is in today’s world of structural steel engineering and how difficult it can be to fabricate and erect steel in an economical and profitable manner. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our Steel Fabricating / Steel Erecting customers.

As a well established company with an excellent track record for customer satisfaction, we believe in never compromising on the quality and services we provide.

When our customers are happy we are happy.

Our Services

Structural Steel Detailing

3D Structural detailing for any construction project requiring Structural Steel

Miscellaneous Metal Detailing

3D Structural detailing for any construction project that requires miscellaneous steel and plate work

Material Management Lists & Reports

Lists generated from Tekla Structures can be customized to suit individual needs

Connection Design Consulting

We offer a full connection design service

Assistance in Bidding & Estimating

We can assist you with your project estimating using Tekla Structures

Building Information Modeling

Using BIM software, we can showcase the entire building life cycle